New Member Classification Talk
Jun 14, 2022
Dr. Sandeep Kaur & Navroop Singh
New Member Classification Talk

Navroop is Senior Marketing Director, World Financial Group (WFG), and Sandeep is an Associate at WFG. Navroop and Sandeep immigrated to Canada in 2018. In India, Sandeep worked as an Assistant Professor at Lovely Professional University, and Navroop managed agricultural land and two gas stations.

After arriving in Canada and navigating some challenging first years as newcomers, they found opportunities that suited their passion and skill sets. Despite all the challenges they faced, they are able to say, “…we were welcomed to Canada with open arms, fair system, and ample room to grow more”.

Navroop founded his own business, World Financial Group, which allowed him to put his skills to use, and the business has thrived. They have joined Rotary out of a sincere desire to “give back” to society. Rotary is familiar to both, as Navroop was a Rotarian in India, and Sandeep too had experience with Rotary in India.